Posted on June 15, 2020.

We designed EPK Services to help artist book more gigs, and get the most bang for their buck. For years, Sonicbids has been one of the few places you could create a decent EPK.

However, one thing that never sat well with us was the fact that you pay $20 a month to submit your EPK for gigs. We've found that most of the gigs on the site yielded no results, and can often be applied to directly without using Sonicbids. So why pay $20 a month, when you can host and submit your EPK with us for only $5 per month?

Additionally, if a promoter wanted to reach out to you about a gig, they would need to sign up for a Sonicbids account as well. Regardless if you're paying $5 or $20 a month for their premium plan, their branding is all over your EPK.

If you look at the comparison chart below, it's not hard to see you get the most for your money here at EPK Services.