Posted on May 25, 2020.

I've heard different opinions on the need for an EPK, and so I thought I'd share my thoughts on the top three reasons you should create one.

1) Most music festivals who accept submissions will ask for it.

Big music festivals like SXSW that allow an artist or band to submit for a performance slot will ask for a link to your EPK or website. You'll most certainly want to avoid posting a link to your website homepage, and here's why.

Let's say they click on your website, and you have a bunch of different tabs such as Home, Bio, Music, Videos, etc. Doing this places the viewer in a position having to switch from tab to tab to find out more about you. When you link them directly to "YourEPK.Com," they'll find all your essential details on one page. This fundamental strategy eliminates unnecessary diversions and makes a big difference that works in your favor.

2) You'll be at an advantage when submitting for new gigs.

Most people don't take into consideration that thousands of artists are emailing talent buyers daily, trying to secure a gig. The majority of them are sending unimpressive emails with a ton of attachments that get caught in a spam folder. With a professional EPK, you'll be able to send a more concise email pitch along with a single link to highlight your music career.

3) You're always ready!

Imagine this. Instead of having to gather your photos, music, and video links each time you apply, you're always ready with a single link to your EPK. Being prepared like this will undoubtedly make applying for gigs easier on you, and a better experience for those viewing your submission.

Final thoughts.

There are many more reasons as to why I can't recommend having a professional EPK enough. The reality is that it can only help your career, and there are no negatives to having one. EPK Services offers a monthly subscription for only $5 per month. It's worth every penny to have you standing out from the competition.

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Written by Mike Xavier. Follow Mike on social media at @MikeXavier__